Services and Pricing

Services include selecting location, positioning and photographing the vehicle, adjusting images in LightRoom and electronic delivery of images.Daily Rate for dealership within 50 miles of Prescott, AZ

Daily Rate – $250 (4-6 vehicles)*

Dealers within 50 miles of Prescott, AZ.

Weekly Rate – $1,000 plus expenses (25-30 vehicles)*

Dealers greater than 50 miles from Prescott, AZ

*New clients will require one set up day to scout locations, arrange and prep inventory and establish photo delivery procedures (includes as many vehicles as possible).

Training – $2500 plus expenses (1 week).

We will train one of your staff in all aspects of dealer inventory photography. We will photograph 10-15 vehicles depending on the experience level of the staff. Much more can be accomplished with a staff familiar with principles of photography and Adobe Lightroom. Requirements include a high quality mirrorless or DSLR camera with fold out screen, 24-70 zoom lens and circular polarizer filter. A license to Adobe Photographer Suite ($9.99 mo) and a desktop or laptop computer to run the software.