There  is a universe of photography learning content available for free on the internet. These sites are great for obtaining information and learning techniques. Unfortunately very few offer individualized feedback or lessons tailored to your interests and abilities. In addition there are so many how do you know where to start?

College courses and private group instruction help by providing a more individualized experience but it is a program that has to cover a broad base of topics and meet the needs of a group of students.

One on one individualized instruction is the best way to learn based on your own ability, timing and interests. All my classes include personal guidance to help you develop your own style at your own pace. Each lesson is 90 minutes long; 60 minutes of instruction and 30 minutes to explore of your interests and abilities, provide guidance and critique/review.

The topics are flexible and we can tailor them to your interests.

The Basics
The Camera Light and Exposure Composition Storing and Sharing
Taking it to the Next Level
Post-processing. Printing your photos.
Exploring your interests
Portrait Landscapes Macro Sports Street Fine Art Still Life Food Documentary
Continual Learning

Rate is $30 per hour, $45 per lesson plus travel time (negotiated).